Pens with cult status – that is what Stabilo stands for. The family-run enterprise Stabilo is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of writing instruments and stands for German quality, an extraordinary variety of colours and ground-breaking innovative strength. The diverse products from Stabilo are highly sought-after throughout the world and make the life of millions of people a bit more colourful each and every day. The launch of the Stabilo Boss highlighter at the beginning of 1971 marked an innovative masterstroke by Schwan-Stabilo with a totally new, revolutionary application. In the days before fluorescent highlighters there were few ways to mark important text. The idea of simply writing over passages instead of underlining them was obvious: all that was left was for fluorescent ink to be put into a suitable pen. And a revolutionary writing instrument required an equally revolutionary shape – a real challenge for an industrial designer! The designer made one model after another, only to discard them all: square, round, short and fat, long and flat designs. A conical cylinder he had produced in modelling clay seemed like a promising idea, but it was still hardly anything new. In his frustration, the designer squashed the model lying in front of him with the flat of his hand... 40 years later, the flat, chubby highlighter still has many imitators. And to this day it remains the highlight of an entire product category.

Learning to write is almost as difficult as learning to play a musical instrument. To engage with children and to ensure that they pay attention it is important to fill learning with fun and to make them discovering the joys of handwriting. We want to help make learning to write a simpler and more relaxed process for children. Therefore STABILO cares strongly about promoting neat, flowing handwriting and specializes in ergonomic shaped pens and pencils developed with experts and specifically designed for left and right handers.