ROSA’s intention is to make art the part of modern people’s life. They help people of all ages and artistic levels unlock their creative potential by carefully selecting and producing high-quality art materials.

ROSA is a leading Ukrainian manufacturer of professional art products, hobby and  decorating materials. They were founded in 1996 when they produced hand primed canvases.  In 1998 they started operating as a distributor selling global brands to the Ukrainian market and in 2002 started exporting Ukrainian made canvases to the USA.  They now export art materials to 36 countries.  Subsequent years saw the introduction of woodworking equipment; Art Kits for the beginner;  Student Acrylics and Gallery Artist Oil Colours.  In 2018, ROSA brought out Gallery Fine Art Watercolour Paints that were developed in collaboration with Ukrainian artists.

To create and refine their products, they carefully study the customers’ demands, partners’ feedback and market trends. Their highly-qualified specialists, state-of-the-art laboratory, up-to-date techniques, specialized equipment and the use of high-quality natural materials allow them to meet customer demands and even exceeding their expectations.  They combine time-honoured traditions with modern techniques, close attention to detail and challenging ideas to make products that will satisfy the highest requirements.

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