The LAMY company was founded in 1930 by C Josef Lamy and became established as a brand in 1952 with introduction of the LAMY 27 fountain pen.  Their first ball point was introduced in 1964.  The launch of the LAMY 2000 in 1966 was a result of a collaboration between Dr Manford Lamy and ex-Braun designer Gerd A. Müller and was based on the Bauhaus principle of “form follows function”.  This laid the foundation for the clear design language which still forms the basis for all LAMY writing instruments.

Today, the LAMY brand stands for high quality designer writing instruments defined by their timeless modern aesthetics, perfect functionality, and top-quality materials and workmanship. Their products are characterised by their special longevity which pertains to timeless, formal design. This combination of functionality and aesthetics, make them far more than just writing tools: they are stylish accessories that make an individual statement in every special moment.

All over the world LAMY represents writing instruments “Made in Germany.” Around 95% of all production stages, including the manufacture of most components, take place in Heidelberg. They produce more than 8 millions writing instruments per year with 200 pen models and 26 collections which have earned more than 100 design awards. The LAMY Safari is the best-selling fountain pen in the world.

Responsible handling of ecological, economic and social resources is a central concept at LAMY. Sustainability is a challenge that is tackled every day: with vision, passion and the will continuously to surpass their own standards.

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